Wonderful Amalfi!

Amalfi Coast Amalfi Coast
If you are one of those who are thinking of going to Italy, perhaps Amalfi I say; GO! NOW! '
This place is a paradise for anyone who loves good food, divine nature and music! All you need to bring is strong legs! Yes, the beautiful view has it's price when you are walking along the different places. Nothing that seems to bother the locals (even the elder ones) with their well shaped, muscular legs!

Room with a view... Room with a view...

In summer 2012 I was awarded a scholarhip from Denmark to go to Amalfi coast and stay at an old covenant; San Cataldo residence for artists. Here I got 14 days to focus on La contessa - a role that I would sing in the autumn in Weimar.
Food, cleaning and laundry was all taken care of by the wonderful staff at San Cataldo! Everything was home-made! From their own mozzarella to their own wine. It was during this time I also discovered how real figs taste like. It was just to pick from the fig- trees in the garden! I just love them! These 14 days was ideal living for an opera-singer!

Breakfast view... Breakfast view...
Breakfast with this view...
I get so inspired by nature! No wonder all that beautiful music from Italian composers were made! Puccini, Verdi, Rossini...
Ooooooh.... Let's focus on Mozart.... "Dove Sono i bei momenti..."
After bath waiting for coffee After bath waiting for coffee
Every morning at 6 oclock I went down to the beach in Atrani and had a swim in the sea. The beach was completely empty at this time. Afterwards a coffee and newly baked Cornetto (Croissant filled with apricot-jam)  at the local bar. This is what I call a good start of the day!

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