Andalucía here I come!

Me with the red rose... Me with the red rose...
My dear husband is a cellist and sometimes I follow him when he performs. One of my greatest memories are when we went to Málaga and stopped in Córdoba on the way. WOW! What a kick that was! We also were so lucky to get the best hotels, ever, for a very good price!
For me, one of the greatest inspirations in life is flamenco.Malaga and Cordoba are just the place to discover this art-form! Sometimes I wish I was born into a flamenco-dancing-singing family and only used my voice in this direct, rough and emotional way with a red flower always in the hair - like Carmen! I tried to sing a bit in this way, was immediately stopped by my inbuild alarm of protection of my voice and came to a conclusion that I'm far too Swedish to even try to get my emotions this far out. I stick with Mozart! Nice try thou...!
Hotel Castillo de Santa Catalina Hotel Castillo de Santa Catalina

I think the most wonderful hotel I ever stayed in is the Hotel Castillo de Santa Catalina. This place is a paradise and a reason to go to Malaga, just to stay there! I let the pictures speak for themselves.
Just have to add that the staff was great and that they have the most wonderful own driven restaurant!  Breakfasts thou, you can have better ones out but difficult to find as nice view as from your own terrace at the hotel!

Forgot to tell I had a date with Picasso!!!
He looks a little bit uncomfortable and stiff as I try to kiss him...
Well, I love him and I know he loves me...

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