Paris, Je t'aime!

Warm evening in March outside Paris opera-house Warm evening in March outside Paris opera-house
Paris is Paris! Nothing can be compared with this beauty! No other city arouses artists dreams, imaginations, creativity and fullfill its desires with all the culture, history, art, architecture, litterature you can overcome, than in this city!
When I'm here I can not stop myself from dreaming that I live that artist life: Room with a view over Paris, little, cosy, lots of paintings, little french balcony with morning-coffee and croissants from the local bakery and tons of books to read!
This beautiful dream of mine crashes when I get into a fitting room and try to squeeze my Vikinga-singer-shaped-body into a french-sized dress... Shoes doesnt fit either...
But it's ok, the food in Paris does fit me, and it fits me very well!!!
Café Hugo, Bastille Café Hugo, Bastille
When I come to Paris it's often work-related. I need a good night sleep and lots of positive energy around me! All these things I find in the area of Bastille. It's central and have so many nice areas to discover. When evening falls the whole area is litted up by restaurants.
Walking around here in the evening is magical! Such atmosphere!
Favorite place is a bar/restaurant called Café Hugo on the Place de Vosges. They serve beautiful onion soup (a must- have when in Paris), nice wines and proper warm meat-dishes really late in the evening! Came there at 00.oo in the night after performance and it was celebration time. We had our proper dinner with wine and the staff was really welcoming.

Hotel de Launay, Bastille Hotel de Launay, Bastille
The hotell I warmly recommend is Hotell Bastille de Launay. Paris is expensive but in this hotel you live in a good area for a very good price and the hotel in itself is really beautiful! Nice staff and fresh, modern decoration and I always sleep really well here! Calm street just outside.
This photo I just LOVE! Will make it big and put it up as the first thing to see in the morning! This photo I just LOVE! Will make it big and put it up as the first thing to see in the morning!

A very important part for me as an opera singer is to start the day in the best way possible! I love mornings! In my opinion the best time of the day is when I'm served breakfast! There is nothing better than to sit and sip on your coffee and plan the day. I love sit and stare! Stare at people that pass by, that are stressed, slow, happy or sad. I love sitting and reading peoples body languages as they walk to their first meeting in the morning. Strutting around happy as ever or arguing in the phone with their loved ones...
It inspires me to see us in this way! See who we are and imagine how the persons life next to me is. What did he/she eat for breakfast? Did she eat at all? Is he/she happy with his/her life? Mother? Father?
Well, the best way to enjoy your breakfast in Paris is to go to Ladurée Royal.
They have the best croissants of the world! I can really say that cause I had many of them through my life and this Croissant a la Ancienne is a winner! Every time!!! The place is luxurious and very french! Really tasty coffee always served in beautiful kettle, nice porcelin and lots of choices. I love my egg in the morning. They're just perfectly made here. Confiture-  I just say Oh la la! Extra plus is the old lady, dressed up, big red lips and with her little chien in her lap who sits here every time we come! Start to wonder if she's hired to sit there and look french? And, oh, dont forget to have a macaron on your way out!

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